Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan
(Campaign for Participatory Development)

Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan (SVA) is a collective of several individuals and community based organizations of small farmers, agricultural workers, Adivasis, Dalits and the down trodden who have been struggling for their socio-economic upliftment and to build a society based on human values. SVA is dedicated to fighting poverty and injustice and to work for a more humane world through the process of sustainable development efforts. SVA works in collaboration with local community groups, like minded voluntary organisations working at regional and international level, concerned individuals and Government and Non Government organisations to achieve greater impact towards attaining it's objectives.

A group of community based organisations in Western Orissa who have been struggling on the issues of environment and ecology, release and rehabilitation of bonded laborers, establishment of the right of the community on the natural resources and the human rights issues since early seventies felt the need to take up joint action on those issues and, in the year 1993-94, came together to form the nodal organisation Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan. At present it has 23 institutional members and 14 individual members.

SVA believes that:

At present large number of people, particularly women, children, the poorest people particularly living in rural areas, the indigenous and tribal people and the disabled are deprived from the benefit of development. A just and human society shall be made possible only when special measures will be pursued to enable effective participation of the deprived in the economic, social and political arenas.

To eliminate poverty and injustice, it is important that people play the role as subject in the economic, social, cultural and political process that effects their life. In this way people have constant access to decision making process and power and thus participation is an essential element of Human Development.

To contact SVA, write to their State Level Co-ordiation Office at

5 Duplex, Sailashree Vihar
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