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Co-sponsored Sahmat Exhibition Hum Sab Ayodhya; presentation of Sahmat's work by photographer and Sahmat activist, Ram Rahman.

Shabana Azmi Film Retrospective -- screening of seven of her best films: Paar, Arth, Genesis, Khandhar, Mandi, Sati and Pestonjee

Screening of Suma Josson's Films: Bombay's Blood Yatra and 47 Seconds and After: Latur, Osmanabad followed by discussion with the film maker.

Lecture by award-winning journalist Palagummi Sainath on the issues of social and economic justice in India.

Screening of award winning films of Anand Patwardhan followed by discussion with the film maker.

Lecture / demonstration on India's theaterical traditions by Habib Tanvir of Naya Theater Company.

Co-sponsored Gursharan Singh and artists of Amritsar Natak Kala Kendar in 3 one-act Punjabi plays.

Screening of Narmada Diary by Anand Patwardhan followed by discussion with the film maker.

Co-sponsored Kewal Dhaliwal of Manch Rang Manch, Chandigarh and artists of Punjabi Arts Association of Edmonton, Canada in 2 Punjabi plays.

Co-sponsored (with Maitri and Narika) the screening of the film When Women Unite: The Story of an Uprising by Shabnam Virmani and Nata Duvvury (about the anti-arrack movement in Andhra) followed by discussion with Shabnam Virmani.

Organized North American lecture tour of award winning journalist Palagummi Sainath on Fifty Years of Freedom -- 40 lectures in 18 cities across the U.S. and Canada. Worked with several organizations across North America in the effort.

Screening of the film The Making of the Mahatma by Shyam Benegal followed by discussion with the director.

Organized U.S. Lecture tour of Kashmiri scholar Prof. Rattan Lal Hangloo of the Department of History, Hyderabad University on Kashmir: Problems and Politics.

Screening of the film Memories of Fear by Madhusree Dutta followed by discussion with the Executive Producer Flavia Agnes.

Lecture by award winning journalist and author of best seller Everybody Loves a Good Drought, P. Sainath on India: Life in the Times of Market Fundamentalism: Class and Caste Conflict at the Close of the Millennium.

Held a Teach-In on Kashmir in the aftermath of Pakistani invasion in Kargil.

Discussion meeting wth Thomas Xavier Kocherry, Coordinator World Forum of Fish Harvestors and Fishworkers (WFF), and Coordinator of National Peoples Movements, India (NAPM) and winner of 1998 Sophie Foundation Award (Norway), on the subject of Globalization and the Invasion by TNCs.

Organized North American lecture tour of Abhay Mehta, author of Power Play, an expose of Enron's Maharashtra Power Project deal. Abhay Mehta spoke at ten locations in eight cities.

Worked with Enron Action Group, a group of concerned Indians, to place educational advertisements on the disasterous consequences of Enron's Maharashtra Power Project in Mid-Day in Mumbai.  The first advertisement appeared on February 10, 2001 and the second on March 22, 2001.

Organized North American lecture tour of Prof. K.N. Pandita, Sovietland Nehru Award winner and retired Director of Centre for Central Asian Studies at Kashmir University, Srinagar. Prof. Pandita spoke on the subjects of Central Asia and Jammu & Kashmir.

Co-sponsored (with Gadar Heritage Foundation) plays of Gursharan Singh in Bakersfield.

U.S. West Coast tour of filmmaker Suma Josson and her film I Want My Father Back on the suicides of farmers in Vidarbha, Maharashtra.
Water Rights Movement in Souther Maharashtra: Lecture by Dr. Anant Phadke
India Awareness Education