The Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) is a collective of lawyers and social activists dedicated to the use of the legal system to advance human rights, struggle against violations, and ensure access to justice for all. A not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation, HRLN defines rights to include economic, social and cultural rights as well as civil and political rights. HRLN believes human rights are universal and indivisible, and their realization is an immediate goal.

Starting in 1989 as an informal group of lawyers and social activists, HRLN has evolved into a human rights organisation with an active presence in many states of India. HRLN provides pro bono legal services, conducts public interest litigation, engages in advocacy, conducts legal awareness programmes, investigates violations, publishes ‘know your rights’ materials, and participates in campaigns for justice.

HRLN collaborates with social movements, human rights organizations, and grass-roots development groups to enforce the rights of children, dalits, people with disabilities, farmers, HIV positive people, the homeless, indigenous peoples, prisoners, refugees, religious and sexual minorities, women, and workers, among others.

HRLN views the legal system as a limited but crucial instrument for realizing human rights. HRLN also believes that large scale struggles against human rights violations have to be waged by social and political movements, and that the legal system can play a significant supportive role in these struggles.


  eliminate discrimination.


         world of law as well as in social movements, and who learn from the social movements to refine legal concepts and



HRLN publishes ‘know your rights’ material including books, reports and posters. These publications aim to simplify and make accessible important developments in human rights and law in India.

Researched by our experienced staff of lawyers, social workers and activists, the publications are a valuable resource for lawyers, activists, judges, academics, researchers, concerned individuals, the media and educational institutions. The books aim to fulfill the widely felt need for single published sources that bring together legal materials relevant to particular areas of human right law.

Recognizing the limited resources available to lawyers and activists living away from metropolises, HRLN seeks to meet their need for information by publishing and distributing comprehensive material. The books are compilations of important judgments and case law, and include analysis of the use of laws and commentaries on the response of the legal system. Selected material is also translated into languages other than English, and we hope to build an effective nationwide distribution mechanism.

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Dalits and the Law
Colin Gonsalves / Girish Agarwal
2005 / English/ 414 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 350/-

Disability and the Law
Shruti Pandey / Priyanka Chirimar / Deepika D’Souza
2005 / English / 720 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 800/-

Can Society Escape the Noose…?
The Death Penalty in India
Arunjeev Singh / Colin Gonsalves / Vinay Naidoo
2005 / English /1036 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 800/-

Child Marriages and the Law in India
Aparna Bhat / Aatreyee Sen / Uma Pradhan
2005 / English / 259 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 200/-

Eleven Years of the Environment Impact Assessment Notification, 1994
Kancha Kohli / Manju Menon
2005 / English / 94 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 100/-

Criminal Law – Law for Activists Series – Volume I
Rebecca Gonsalvez / Vijay Hiremath / Ryan Menezes
2005 / English / 150 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 40/-

The Terror of Pota & Other Security Legislation
Preeti Verma
2004 / English / 629 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 200/-

Right to Food – Vol. I
Colin Gonsalves / Vinay Naidoo / P. Ramesh Kumar / Aparna Bhat
2004 / English /320 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 250/-

Supreme Court on Children
Aparna Bhat
2004 / English / 544 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 200/-

Supreme Court on Rape Laws
Aparna Bhat
2003 / English / 304 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 200/-

Community Managed Forests: Law, Problems & Alternatives (Case Study of Meghalaya)
Ritwick Dutta
2001 / English / 80 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 100/-

Right to Shelter & Forced Evictions
Maharukh Adenwalla / Doma Bhutia
2000 / English / 390 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 175/-

Tribal Affairs in India
B.D. Sharma
2000 / English / 514 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 500/-

Prisoners Rights Handbook
Colin Gonsalves, Annie Fernandez & Monica Sakhrani
1996 / English / 968 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 300/-

Disability & Right to Employment – Survey Report of the Problems of Blind Hawkers at Railway Stations in Mumbai
India Centre for Human Rights and Law
2003 / English / 35 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 75/-

Green Democracy
Sunita Dubey
2003 / English / 173 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 200/-

Eviction Watch India
Rajeev John George
2003 / English / 95 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 125/-

Humjinsi – A Resource Book on Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Rights in India
Bina Fernandez
2002 / English / 246 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 180/-

The Campaign against Sexual Harassment at the Workplace - A Training Manual
Priya Narula & Catherine Sluggett
2002 / English / 123 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 200/-

PNDT Act – Made Easy
Compiled by Anitha Shenoy / Geetanjli Goel
2001 / English / 24 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 10/-

The Environmental Activists Handbook – Vol. II
Ritwick Dutta
2002 / English / 1084 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 750/-

The Environmental Activists Handbook – Vol. I
Ritwick Dutta, Sunita Dubey, Colin Gonsalves & Aparna Bhat
2000 / English / 881 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 750/-

Child Sexual Abuse & the Law
Maharukh Adenwala
2000 / English / 266 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 250/-

Adivasi Law
R.V. Bhuskute
2000 / Marathi / 549 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 250/-

Women & the Law - Vol. II
Christine Chorine, Mihir Desai & Colin Gonsalves
2000 / English / 912 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 700/-

Women & the Law – Vol. I
Christine Chorine, Mihir Desai & Colin Gonsalves
1999 / English / 1050 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 700/-

Stepping Forward: A Compilation of Ten Women's Personal Struggle for Freedom
Compiled by Aawaaz-e-Niswan
1998 / English / 35 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 20/-

Leading Cases on Occupational Health & Safety
Maharukh Adenwalla, Kerban Anklesaria, et al
1993 / English /240 pages
Suggested Contribution: Rs. 50/-

Human Rights Law Network
Forthcoming Publications

1.A Handbook on Draft Policies against Sexual Harassment
2.        Revised Prisoners’ Rights


1.Right to Food Poster – English / Hindi*
2.Sexual Harassment at Workplace – English / Hindi
3.Know your Rights – English / Hindi / Marathi
4.The Rights of Undertrials – English / Marathi
5.Disability Rights – English / Hindi
6.Refugee Rights – English
7.Sexual Assault Bill - English

All the above posters are for Rs. 20/- each & ‘*’ is Rs. 5/- each

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